Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rant of the Week!!! The bandwagon fan hater!

So as people may have noticed here lately in Houston, the city is looking pretty Orange lately.

Not burnt but bright, because a certain team is in a certain series to win a certain championship if you certain feel me.  Ok, I'll stop, certainly.  But you know what comes with success, new fans, and people who complain about the new fans.

You see, the old fans, the die-hards they go when a team is bad, they go when a team is good and they say that makes them REAL fans.  If you only support the team when it's having success than your a fair weather fan the die-hards will tell you.

It's like the guy who says "oh you listen to THAT band?  I used to love them but now they got big and everyone loves them."  SO WHAT?!?!?  You were right and eventually everyone agreed, why are you bitter?

IF you buy the tickets and the eight dollar beers if a team is bad or good, than why should they get better?  If no matter what their fans will spend the money then there is no reason for the team to improve except for pride and internal motivations, but sometimes success requires more than just want, sometimes it requires economics.  That's why the good fans leave when a team goes bad, and come back when a team is good.  They're showing the tough love and voting with their precious dollars.

So next time you see someone complain about all the bandwagon riders, just roll your eyes and ask him how lonely he was when the team was terrible and he drank his eight dollar beer alone in the stadium.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Nerd News!!

What?! Two days in a row?  Oh we're grinding now.

So these are some fun news stories this week that are based on the things I care about.  This week beer, funko pops and getting paid in new ways by the internet.

I like craft beer.

This home brewer had a crazy great kickstarter and is about to go to market with products shipping in January.  As near as I can tell, the recipes are shared worldwide, you do everything in this one contraption and then in 4 weeks, BEER!!  Check it out.

The Good, the bad, the ridiculously cute big headed pops

Funko is going public and is hoping to bring in about $240 million bucks, that's the good.  The bad, they got about $319 million in debt, which is roughly 75% of last year's revenue and they only did about 6% profit on that $426 million dollars in revenue, ouch.  The last one is obvious.


This is kind of a high-concept and it feels a little bit like self-betting, like if you could pick yourself on Draft Kings.  Everytime you are active daily you get entered into pools and than you get paid for winning said pools.  How this all works is kind of anyone's guess, I see the need for company sponsorship, and corporate patronage to make this really work, but it's a neat idea.  It would be cooler if you and your friends could make small daily bets or maybe an annual bet and than percentage pie it out like who won more daily contests and activities, and let each person pick the event or contest for that micro time period and than everyone splits the winnings accordingly by the pie.  Just a thought.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rant of the Week!! The Trailer Breakdown Guy

Hi guys, and welcome to what is the returning blog of Cory DLG!  We are starting with a rant because frankly, that's what I do best ;)!!

So the trailer just dropped for your favorite movie, you've watched it like five times and you're so pumped for the movie that's still like eight months away.  Than you see the link to the youTube blogger of the week with his twenty five minute breakdown of the two minute trailer.

He's got freeze frames and voice overs and magnifications and speculations, somehow suddenly the two minute and fifteen second trailer you had been enjoying has now grown exponentially into a brutally long, awfully boring, completely off base "break down video".

The dreaded break down video is about twenty three minutes longer than the video clip its breaking down and is full of things that wind up not even being in the movie.  What ever happened with just sitting back and watching the video?  Just enjoying it and seeing what comes next?  When did we need everything spoiled and explained?  I didn't, did you? I didn't think so. Someone do me a favor and tell the "break down video guy."

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Have you met our friend Kitty Courtney?

So being a Nerd Thug has its perks.  Obviously we know everything and we reek of awesome-ness at all times, that's awesome-ness I promise, and sometimes we meet and make friends with some of the most beautiful models in Texas, like Kitty Courtney.

So I had the privilege of sitting down with her and having a conversation.  Yeah, I sat down with her...

Cory DLG:  "How long have you been modeling?"
Kitty: "I’ve actually only been modeling for about a year now. Maybe a few months more. I had been following Lucky Devil Pinups for a few days when the guy who operates it noticed me, and started to look at my own pictures. He said “you need to be in front of my camera!” and after meeting for some BBQ, which would later be a staple of our shoots, I decided to give it a shot. After our first shoot, he posted the pictures on his fan-page and they went nuts. Ha ha ha They really liked me!"

Cory DLG: "So now you're making a calender?  How did that come about?"
Kitty:  "The calendar came up after a few of my fans mentioned it. I decided to ask them who all would be interested in buying one and I had plenty of people say they would. So, I got in touch with some friends in the printing business and we started getting to work. Making sure each month had a special picture, and was Pinup themed."

Cory DLG: "Talk to me about nerding out, what do you nerd out about?"
Kitty: "Outside of Pinup stuff, I’m pretty obsessed with whales and dolphins. I’m a huge advocator for protesting Sea World and aquariums that keep Cetaceans in captivity. One day I hope to work closely with them and do all that I can to prevent more from being put into captivity."

So that sums up the conversation, contact Kitty Courtney on facebook to see about getting one of those hot fire calendars!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Blog #2: Clixing on a budget!!!!

Hey guys, you know the drill, wanna be a baller?  Shotcaller?  But for under $10 dollars?

I got your back... quick style, HERE WE GO!

A little heroclix action this month, table top lifestyle for sure.

So this time, it's not quite the traditional format, instead I found a built a team from ebay of 300 pts of Heroclix awesomeness SHIELD keyword, this team would be a good team for all kinds of level of players.  From beginners to Advanced, tons of probability control so you get lots of chances to make your attacks and to defend yourself, also a way to slow down the enemy and turn off the mystics team ability all for under $15.00!

Meet your S.H.I.E.L.D. team...

Deathlok #35 (Nick Fury: Agents of Shield Set)

75 pts,

He starts out with Running Shot and stealth and a probability control for good measure so you're going to get two chances for that alpha strike.  He becomes your brawler in the middle of your dial with close combat expert and the fun part is that with all the probability control I put on this team, you can get greedy and put both in damage, swinging for some meaty hits.  Plus as a weird bonus he has traited mind control, so get crazy every once in a while, be unpredictable and have your up close brawler do something unexpected.

Quake #19 (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD set)

85 pts

Here's your other lead attacker, she is the highest point value so her leadership roles early on can untoken anyone on the team, also her range paired with precision strike and perplex on the later parts of the dial as well as an enhancement from a friend I haven't gotten to yet means her and Deathlok can pair nicely and bring the noise.

Jimmy Woo 8b (Nick Fury: Agents of SHIELD)

60 pts

Supporting your team and helping tilt the battle in your favor, is Jimmy Woo!  Have him hang a little back and use his probability control to make sure your heavy hitters nail their first attacks.  Also his trait of canceling out willpower and mystics team abilities means you can bring up one of the cheaper support pieces and pair it with Deathlok or Quake to get rid of someone causing you troubles.

Skye #23 (Nick Fury: Agents of SHIELD Set)

45 pts

So I did something different here, having these next two pieces work together in tandem, use their trait regarding line of sight and probability control to work in tandem with their willpower and the next guys perplex to turn Skye into some offense if need be.

Fitz 21 (Nick Fury: Agents of SHIELD set)

35 pts

So here's what makes Fitz useful, the hoverbots thing, Fitz can be in up to 5 places at once, so this guy has options also, Fitz and Skye work together for a free probability control.

So under $15 and this team does some great combos and team work and they all have the SHIELD team ability which lets a shooter get a +1 to their range for each adjacent friendly SHIELD character next to them.  For a power action they get a +1 to the damage as well.

Anyway good luck and happy Clixing.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Balling on a Budget Issue #1

Hello world!!

It is both my pleasure and joy to welcome you to my corner of the internet, thanks for checking out my blog here on the Nerd Thug Radio website.  (If you're reading this somewhere else please, please, please check out

The basic idea here is that it ain't easy being nerdy and sometimes you just want to try something out and you don't know what's good and aren't looking to get crazy with the cheddar, or bread or whatever food you use to describe your monies.

So all that being said, here's a few things I recommend checking out for $10 bucks or cheaper (not including shipping) from the web!!

Thing #1!!

So here's the deal, I recognize that this will put you in the middle of a story, and I hate to be the guy who recommends that, but this one has a lot of the action in it, as the first few issues were one part stage setting and one part action, this is two parts action and one part story continuing.  Besides, like you don't know what happens in everything X-Force?

Oh, you don't?  Well anything from the first two volumes of the relaunched X-Force is a must read, you get me, a MUST read, so read it.  You must.

Thing #2!

So this is an old school one shot special that comics used to do from time to time, like annuals (man, remember those?!).  This one is a cool one that features each member of Excalibur taking on one aspect of this little adventure that involves some fun crazy science and requires Captain Britain going all Ghostbusters and "crossing the streams" and Nightcrawler going crazy with some serious bamfing on a robot thing, and Kitty Pryde tries to solve for "carrot".  Are you not entertained?  Trust me it's old school fun.


This one I would ask the seller some questions before checking them out, because I don't remember anything about that particular X-Men vs Excalibur barn burner there, but that Excalibur mojo verse thing I remember, it was another one of those one shot specials and it's great!  Essentially that guy on the cover is like an agent of some kind trying to get your signature on a contract, if you sign his papers, he absorbs you and gains your powers.  Hello hollywood metaphor!!  (oh that sounds like a band name!)

Anyway Kitty Pryde plus X-babies plus Mojo mayhem equals, you buy.  You know, if that's what this dude is actually selling.  Which it looks like, but I dunno.

Anywho this has been a public service from Cory DLG of Nerd Thug Radio, helping you guys nerd on a budget, you feel me?  Shop at your own discretion, all purchases are final and as always keep your hands, feet and children to yourself at all times.